Fail Fail Fail Fail Win Show

Trying something is always valid. Mocking someone for failing is super lame."

This site will tell you about Failfailfailfailwin, a Children's Comic Theatre and Circus show, and how to get in touch if you would like to book it, or become a schools-partner with us.


It is (2021) the latest show in development from experienced children's entertainers and theatre producers Mark and Loz James aka. Marky Jay and Loz Because. This is the theme:

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Trying something is always valid. Mocking someone for failing is super lame

Fail fail fail fail win is the latest show in development from experienced children's entertainers and theatre producers Mark and Loz James aka. Marky Jay and Loz Because.

With circus director Paddy Waters.


Currentlly a 45-minute (to be developed to 60 mins) comedy and circus show aimed at 4-11 year olds and their grown-ups.

What is in the show?

Circus acts in the show include hulahoop, diabolo, juggling, and an 8-plate spinning rack.

Live music soundtrack.

Interactive elements of play with the children in the audience.

We will probably fill the room with bubbles at some point.

what else? well we haven't finished making it yet, but we'll let you know....

What is the show history?

We perform a version of the show already (we performed our first iteration of it, called "Mega Mayhem" at the Wells Theatre Festival 2019), at Old Sodbury Primary School 2019, and more recently at Hillcrest Primary School, Bristol July 2021. We will continue to perform slowly-developing versions of the show early 2022. 


And what's your creation timeline?

We completed an early stage R&D residency in September 2021, then performed short segments at the Aberystwyth Comedy Festival on 2nd and 3rd Oct 2021.

We conducted content creation R&D March 2022.

We aim to have our first version of the performable piece by Summer 2022.

We will be performing it as work-in-progress at Machynlleth Comedy Festival in May 2022.

What else?

We are applying for Arts Council project grant funding.


If funded we will:

  • Develop the show content alongside a technician-and-musician to live soundtrack the show (like a legend). 

  • Work with clowning creation-facilitator and director, Paddy Waters (

  • Develop an accessible version of the show for children with complex needs.

The show is currently a 2-hander:

Mark & Loz performers.

Info for schools:

We are running multiple show creation residencies in partnership with Bristol schools, so the children are involved all the way through the creation process.

We conducted our first early-stage R&D residency with Hillcrest Primary School Totterdown Sep 29th-Oct 1st 2021
- THANK YOU to all the Hillcrest children and teachers involved, it was BRILLIANT!

Thank you also to: Seamills Primary, Bristol - who we visited for further R&D in March 2022; and The Elms school in Malvern for your expression of interest.

We still have space for more schools to be involved!

We are creating skits and sketches with a huge variety of circus props and stunts, music costumes, puppetry and bubbles - and we know that when we create new material it needs to be constantly road-tested with children.


The best way for us to create the show is to run a week-long residencies inside a school hall or theatre. Each day, after we have done a creation session, we will invite a class of children into the creation space to present tester ideas for approx 20 mins and see what they find funny/exciting. And of course we end the day with a circus workshop for the children!

We understand that school halls and theatre spaces are valuable and frequently used spaces, so we are really open to discussing how we can fit in with a space-usage schedule you might already have in place.


We would also of course be able to offer circus workshops for the children as a part of this. And a free showing of the final piece once it is ready!


We are also very aware of difficulties schools have in regards to Covid and having visitors onsite. We have already started running Covid-safe circus workshops in schools and feel that we can risk assess well to work within changing government guidelines and safety precautions.



Info for bookers:
Guideline pricing: approx £1000 plus travel (£0.45/mi)

Tech specs are also a little bit of an unknown right now, but here is a rough guideline:

Stage space: ideal 6 x 8m, 3m height clearance, min 6 x 4m.

Can be outdoors or indoors. 


Circus workshops can be booked alongside shows.

See our circus workshops site for more details:

Click here to email us!



Call a human (Loz): 07807 429 287

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